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The content of the profile remains our property both real and intellectual. All you fit couples, look what you're missing out on! Unblock those single males now and you too could receive such derogatory gems as these below! ********************************* "Hey mate go tell that fucking bitch of yours to go get dressed up for me so that I can show you what a fucking filthy little whore she really is" "I wise me and you can go with your miss for 3sum or I fuck her you watch" "Il give you 100£ if u give me anal sex" "Your bf is a lucky cunt!!! Wondering if brown cock would be an option for her? Get in touch if least just say 'no'" "can i fuck your woman pls?By posting this profile I do not waive my human rights to privacy under article 8.1 & 8.2 of the European Convention. ** Thanx for perversering (correctly spelled) with our profile (and please no copying and pasting) and when messaging us wouldn't blame you if you put "don't know why i'm bothering as you're a couple of messers" (not a required field) in the heading as this is the impression we get from most of you, oh wait hang on, unless i'm wrong (and i'm never wrong), you wont have even read down this far anyway will you? " "beautiful fuck my fat black cock" “seen better” "didnt read your profile went on a bit toouch for me, have fun tho" "£200 cash, just her in skirt and boots, no touching" (she's not up for it but i'm game? " "I absolutely lov ur pics..lov to play n tak photos in the woods..u fucking slut...." " Ah just had a great wank over your pics, thanx!And we've just watched a Fred and Rose West documentary so any unverified couples that invite us round to their cellar for a nice cup of tea, errm.. Oh and if your username is anything like robocockdeepthrustpussypounderlickallnight12"massivedongfistfuckercuckoldking ironballs Mc Ginty then don't even bother!!!! Flashers, that's what you are, flashers, bandying around pics of your cocks like a good old fashioned flasher, but it's legal now you see? Quite a strange way to introduce yourself, i mean usually expect a man to extend his hand to shake.* It's not like we don't accept messages from single guys (those goofy bastards are about the best thing i've got going on in my life right now) just have a little r. Try it next time you're walking through a park approaching someone and then.. Can see you sat there now, racking your brains on how to get our attention, " I know" you say, "I'll send them a pic of my hairy cock, that should do it"..., it doesn't..No us neither but that's what he told us and who are we to argue? Just had the most amazing meet with a stunning couple, think the soft swap thing has totally gone out the window!! Please don't send us a rude message if you don't get a reply (you most definitely will anyway..) And i'm not talking about the single guys either oh no, you couples are much worse.

Although we've been to Bristol Gardens (lovely), Kestrels spa (noisily relaxing) and The Paradise Club (Boscombe chapter),(forgive me lord for i have sinned) We're not late night party people so appreciate all the invites to Ab Fabs/Secrets/Chams/Gems/Liberation (wet dream edition)/Decs and of course Donkey Dicks which i'm sure are all lovely but we'd just be dozing in the dark room, we are however both fully laundered and come from a smoke and pet free home and are totally stain free but we havn't got a clue what we are doing, we're just making it up as we go along.. Know it's not everyone's cup of tea but its ours right now.. Also we NO LONGER MEET SINGLE GUYS (sorry for shouting but don't think they hear us) but that's no detriment to the ones we've met previously who were all gentleman, feel free to keep in touch tho'.. No more messages from (user no longer on site) either please, who is is this person? You've got them all foaming at the gash havn't you? We are looking for messages of extra ordinary magnitude. And come on fellas, get the mrs to do a bit of housework and pick up those dirty socks/straighten that picture above the fireplace/unstick the underwear from the wall before taking any pics, not the most flattering backdrop it has to be said. ) but we look more at the cleanliness of the room you're in than how hot you both look! "Dirty house = filthy stinking couple with drinking problems" (no they don't).

When you send us a message stating you want to meet us and NOW, even though your pics are fucking ' 'orrible and we don't jump at the chance then we must be eh?

To: Sydney university (what is it with you Aussies?

) and any institutions using this site or its associates for projects, you do not have permission from us to use any of our profile pictures in any form or forum both current and future.

If you have or do it will be considered a violation of our privacy and will be subject to legal action.. WARNING: This profile either in its entirety or any part there of including photographs must not be copied, quoted or used by any person, institution, company or agency.

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As for all those poor guys that have had an accident with the Super Glue and the Sky remote/Tape measure/Stella can/Lynx can (Africa of course)/X-wing fighter/picture of their grandmother/ stuck to their penis', you really need to get that looked at. All this 'my master lets me' rubbish, those scary black masks with little silver zip-holes? Or messages from couples where the fella cross dresses and you can't tell which is which, (surprisingly more often than you think)..

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